In order to be able to install COMPSs and PyCOMPSs with Pip, the dependencies (excluding the COMPSs packages) mentioned in the Dependencies Section must be satisfied (do not forget to have proper JAVA_HOME and GRADLE_HOME environment variables pointing to the java JDK folder and Gradle home respectively, as well as the gradle binary in the PATH environment variable) and Python pip.


Depending on the machine, the installation command may vary. Some of the possible scenarios and their proper installation command are:

Install systemwide:

$ sudo -E pip install pycompss -v


Root access is required.

It is recommended to restart the user session once the installation process has finished. Alternatively, the following command sets all the COMPSs environment in the current session.

$ source /etc/profile.d/compss.sh

Post installation

If you need to set up your machine for the first time please take a look at Additional Configuration Section for a detailed description of the additional configuration.